Project title



José Damasceno

Visiting information

08/26/2004 – 10/03/2004

Entrada gratuita


Marcio Doctors

Curatorial assistant 

Maria Klabin


Luiza Mello


  1. Ivan Pascarelli
  2. André Alvim


  1. Ana Maria Monteiro de Carvalho
  2. Diogo Maia
  3. Emerson Ribeiro
  4. Felipe Pereira

Graphic Design project

Marcia Cabral [Tira Linhas]

First of a series of exhibitions produced by Automática for Projeto Respiração, Cinematograma (Cinematogram) by José Damasceno, inaugurated the program of interventions by contemporary artists in the Fundação Eva Klabin. Curated by Marcio Doctors, this program initiated in 2004 and continuing today, proposes installations of many different styles in the building and its collection

By plunging the artist into new readings of the environment, new poetic relationships with the space, as well as new possibilities of occupying it, the installation of each one of the exhibitions of the Projeto Respiração (Breathing Project) introduced exciting challenges in the execution of the projects.